PAAMG Frequently Asked Questions: Anesthesia Fees

Please note that the information provided on this website is not appropriate to all patients having surgery and should not be relied upon in making medical decisions. The following questions and answers are provided solely for informational purposes, do not constitute medical advice or guidance, and are subject to the disclaimers contained in this website’s Terms of Use. This information should be used only in consultation with an appropriate physician or anesthesiologist. Please contact your surgeon’s office or the anesthesia office if you have questions concerning you and your conditions.

You will receive a bill for the anesthesia services you use. The fee will vary with the type of service, any special risks that you may present (age, complicating medical conditions, emergency conditions, and co-morbidities), and the duration of the service rendered. Our fees are set for anesthesia services to keep them at usual and customary rates for this community and enable us to care for everyone we serve; those with means and those less fortunate.

The medical center will bill you for the anesthesia technology and supplies that they provide during your care on the hospital bill.

We will file most insurance claims as a courtesy based on the information that is provided by you or your guardian at the time of registration at PAMC. We are unable to file claims to OWCP, third party auto liability carriers, or out of state Medicaid plans. Patients will be billed for these claims directly and will be given the necessary forms to file these claims to their insurance provider.

We will file your secondary insurance for you as a courtesy if we are made aware of its existence. We will pursue your insurer(s) for correct payment with your assistance and support. We will invoice you at the address provided at the time of registration with invoices sent to the guarantor on the account. The balance not paid by your insurer is your responsibility.