History of Providence Anchorage Anesthesia Medical Group

Formed in 1992 at the request of Providence Alaska Medical Center. Our mission is to provide the patients, physicians, and staff of Providence Alaska Medical Center optimal anesthesia and acute pain management services, clinical and administrative expertise, and leadership in a constant quest for medical excellence. We have grown from our eight founding physicians to over 30 anesthesiologists.

We recruited anesthesiologists trained in general anesthesia and others with fellowship training in pain management, cardiovascular anesthesia, and pediatric anesthesia to match the needs of the community and the evolution of surgical services available to our patients in Alaska. Currently, we have pain anesthesia fellows, CV anesthesia fellows, and pediatric anesthesia fellows. The success of this recruiting process has allowed us to defy national shortages of anesthesiologists and expand our medical staff to serve the needs of the Anchorage community and Alaska.

Our focus remains service to Providence Alaska Medical Center, its staff, our patients, and the medical staff. PAAMG provides a team of anesthesiologists on call seven days per week, twenty-four hours per day. Over time this support has evolved from one physician on call with general anesthesia skills to six physicians on call every evening and up to ten physicians on call over the weekends to provide expanded access to elective services to our patients and surgeons. This team’s composition has evolved in its design to have sub-disciplines of anesthesia expertise available to our customers. Those sub-disciplines of service include pain, CV, pediatric, obstetrical, and general anesthesia expertise and service capacity. If additional knowledge​ is necessary, the group’s members can always call in another member of the group for consultation and support.

Philosophy of PAAMG, a customers perspective:

  • Care

    Patient care and clinical excellence are our first priority.

  • Excellence

    Achieving excellence in service to the surgeons, the operating room, and the medical center as our customers are our second priority.

  • Collegiality

    Collegially, we support each other in service to our patients and the delivery of good clinical care.

  • Commitment

    If we excel in the above, we will: deliver good, quality care to our patients and surgeons and achieve recognition for the same. This maximizes corporate good will. Maximize patient satisfaction and minimize complaints. Maximize surgeon satisfaction, service demand, and our medical staff relations. Maximize service throughput in the operating room. Achieve positive relations with the medical center. Secure our leadership as anesthesiologists in Anchorage and Alaska. Be able to recruit good medical staff into our group to enhance its long term viability. Achieve strong service demand. Be able to serve to our community in perpetuity.