PAAMG Pediatric Care Tips: Before You Arrive

Important things to do once you have scheduled anesthesia: If your child is coming to us for anesthesia, you will have some things to take care of beforehand. Below are some tips to help your child feel safe about their upcoming visit to Providence Alaska Medical Center.

If you have personal, ethical or spiritual values that may affect how we work together, we want to know. We will do everything we can to respect your wishes.
Find out the time and get eating and drinking instructions. Follow your surgeon’s instructions first and foremost:
• 8 hours before procedure, child can eat solid foods
• 6 hours before procedure, child can drink formula
• 4 hours before procedure, child can drink breast milk
• 2 hours before procedure, child can drink water, non-pulp apple juice or pedialyte
Court Papers: Bring any legal papers giving custody or guardianship. If you are not a parent with legal custody, bring legal papers that allow you to admit your child to the hospital or consent to your child’s surgery.

List of Medicines: Bring a list of prescription and non-prescription medicines and vitamin supplements your child is taking, including the name, dosage and concentration. If you do not have a list, feel free to bring the actual bottles of medicine or vitamins.

Clothing: Providence Alaska Medical Center provides gowns and footwear, but your child may feel better in its own clothes, like sweat pants, large t-shirts, socks, underwear, pajamas etc. Also bring an extra change of loose comfortable clothes.