PAAMG Pediatric Care Tips: Prepare Your Child

Welcome! We know that a surgery or procedure is a big event for you and your child. Talking together about your visit ahead of time may help your child feel less afraid. Below are some tips to help your child feel safe about their upcoming visit to Providence Alaska Medical Center.

Listen to your child.
Be honest about what will happen and what may hurt.
Use short, simple terms they know.
Reassure them that if something hurts, there are ways to help the pain, including medicine, relaxation, listening to music and playing games.
Use one of their stuffed animals to show what will happen and encourage him or her to ask questions and talk about their fears.
Explain that they will have special medicine to help them fall asleep for the surgery, and that they will wake up when the surgery or procedure is over.
Reassure them that you will be with them after they wake up.
If your child seems uneasy with talk about the hospital or their surgery procedure, stop and try again later.
Reassure them that having to go to the hospital does not mean they have dome something wrong.