PAAMG Pediatric Care Tips: The Day of The Surgery or Procedure

Hello! Below are some important things to do the day of the surgery or procedure. These tips will prepare you and your child for their upcoming visit to Providence Alaska Medical Center.

Follow the instructions you are given before your child’s surgery or procedure or your child may not be able to have it.
If given to you, use the Hibiciens cleanser as directed by your healthcare provider. Pay special attention to the surgical site (avoiding eyes, ears and mouth).
If you child has symptoms of a cold or flu on the morning of the surgery/procedure, call the surgeon’s office.
Such as court papers, list of medicines and clothing. Read our Important Things To Bring tips in the Before You Arrive section for more details.
It is very important to arrive at the hospital at the time you are given so that your child’s surgery can happen.
Your surgery or procedure appointment time and eating and drinking instructions below. Follow your surgeon’s instructions first and foremost:
• 8 hours before procedure, child can eat solid foods
• 6 hours before procedure, child can drink formula
• 4 hours before procedure, child can drink breast milk
• 2 hours before procedure, child can drink water, non-pulp apple juice or pedialyte