PAAMG Recruitment Opportunities

Providence Anchorage Anesthesia Medical Group was formed in 1992. We currently have a diverse group of providers on staff. We routinely have an opening for U.S. trained; Board Certified or Board eligible anesthesiologists. We envision adding one-two providers per year for practice growth and potential retirements. We are seeking general and specialty-trained providers. We recruit eighteen to twenty-four​ months in advance of our needs.

Character of Practice: Direct, one to one patient care. Acute, inpatient anesthesia services including a full range of surgical services with no transplant services. Strong work ethic and emphasis on personal character. High demands for the ​strength of the ​clinical skill set.

Dedicated Subspecialty Teams: Cardiovascular, Pediatrics, and Regional/Acute Pain.

Call: PAAMG provides 24-hour OB and trauma call coverage as well as 24-hour pediatric and cardiothoracic call coverage.

Vacation: Hard work is balanced with an ​emphasis on time off for relaxation and recovery. All group members have access to the same amount of vacation. Vacation is determined each year using a lottery system.

Economics: Solid incomes are earned with an income distribution plan (IDP) that rewards productivity and the demands of anesthesia services. Our IDP, vacation lottery, and call allocation systems are flexible and well-integrated. They allow providers that want to work more to do so and to be rewarded for their services. Providers that wish for greater balance in life between work and time-off can​ do so with time off exchanged for income opportunity.

Normal Progression to Shareholder is two years conditional upon meeting group expectations.

• Strong pension plan
• Group Health, Dental, Disability, and Term Life
• Professional Expense Reimbursement
• Signing bonus

Send CV and 3 letters of reference to:
Mr. Mike Haugen
Providence Anchorage Anesthesia Medical Group
3300 Providence Drive, Suite 207
Anchorage, Alaska 99508, or call 907-561-0027 for more information.